A strong team is the foundation of a high-performing business and a good team ethic can be held largely accountable for the success and smooth running of the organization. If employees do not gel and work well together, problems can arise, such as poor organization, missed deadlines, and conflict within the workplace. So what can teams do to ensure that We are collectively productive and drive the MEPiCON Group forward? Here are our few qualities that makes us a successful team.

We communicate well with each other.
We communicate openly with each other, sharing their thoughts, opinions, and ideas with members of their team; as well as taking into consideration what others have to say. Communication is essential for keeping track of progress and working together efficiently on tasks. Poor communication can lead to crossed wires, which can mean work is left incomplete/incorrect or conflicts can arise.

We focus on goals and results.
We agree on and set team goals based on outcomes and results, rather than just on the amount of work being done. A clear plan can then be set about how We are achieving these objectives, as a group, as well as each individual’s contribution. This provides them with clear direction and gives them something to aim for collectively.

Everyone contributes their fair share.
Each member of the team contributes their fair share of the workload and fully understands what their responsibilities are and where We fit in with the running of the business. We feel a sense of belonging to the team, are committed to their work, and really care about the success of the company.

We offer each other support.
Team members are always happy to assist others when We need a helping hand with work. Teams are often more productive when We are also offered support from the organization and access to the required resources.

Team members are diverse
Everyone is unique and will be able to offer their own experiences and knowledge that others may not possess. Diversity is needed so that all of the required skills are covered by somebody in the team and each individual can be assigned a particular role on the basis of their strengths and skills. A variety of personalities, age groups, cultures, etc. can also bring creativity and a broad range of ideas to the table.

Good leadership
A strong team usually has a leader that We trust and respect. This individual essentially works as the glue holding the team together and should be responsible for setting the pace, offers encouragement and motivation, and keeps all members of the team updated.

We’re organized.
The organization is essential for the smooth running of a business. Without it, the workplace can become chaotic and goals are unlikely to be achieved. Though each individual should be responsible for organizing their own workload, management should ensure that everything is running to plan and each member of the team is getting their work completed efficiently. Holding regular meetings can help to make sure that everyone is on the same page and deadlines are being met.

We have fun
It shouldn’t be all work and no play! This can lead to burnout and a lack of productivity, so it’s important to inject a bit of enjoyment into working life. Teams who work particularly well together enjoy each other’s company and get together outside of the office from time to time to socialize and have some fun! Building a positive relationship with your colleagues can make for a much more relaxed environment and reduce conflict.

Our Specialties in MEP (Electro-mechanical Services) Design & PMC: MEPiCON
Design Software: We do use latest advance ETAP Software for electrical design and WATERCAD Software (Bentley, USA) for design of water & drainage system. These advance software have feature of virtual reality by means of that we simulate the actual specific working model of the system of respective project and observe the behavior of this working model. We are able to check the performance of system so designed and analyze the system suitability in critical realistic working conditions. We keep the future required provisions and again test the system so designed to ensure the satisfactory performance of system for future as it would function in reality in future.


This advanced technology has following advantages:
Optimum design of System justifying proper size of system & type of material
Practically Realistic Design most suitable for specific requirement
Pre-tested design ensures suitability after installation
Trouble free operation in future as software teats system for critical conditions
Sufficient suitable provisions for future expansion
Optimum design of System justifying its cost effectiveness


Internationally trained design professionals: Our design engineers & professional are trained by world-class international companies having expertise in respective system design. Our engineers have been working successfully on international projects, and so we are able to offer following important features in our designs to our clients:

Latest updated design using the best technology available in world
High-class sophisticated solutions with high level of accuracy & reliability
World-class renowned design keeping your project ahead of your competitors
Our rich experience facilitates your interaction with Global knowledge
Latest new concepts with innovative ideas useful for your projects
Energy Saving, Green Building, Eco-friendly & Efficient Solutions


Best Co-ordinated Design Solutions: Since we do have our own in-house design team for all Utilities & Services under one roof to offer design solutions for following services:

  1. Electrical Power
  2. Lighting – Indoor, Outdoor & Under water
  3. Telecommunication
  4. Air-conditioning & Ventilation as per ASHRE
  5. Control & Automation
  6. Diesel Generator
  7. Lift (Elevators), Escalator & Travellators
  8. Security with Access Control
  9. IT & associated networking
  10. Fire Alarm & Protection
  11. Water Storage & Distribution System
  12. Pumping Station – water, sewer & vacuum system
  13. Drainage & Sewerage – gravity, pressurized & vacuum system
  14. Garbage Management System
  15. Storm-water (Rain water Harvesting & Flood Management)
  16. Irrigation & Water Feature – Falls, Fountains – with lighting & dancing
  17. Swimming Pool, Underwater restaurant, aquariums etc.
  18. Solar & Wind Powered Equipments
  19. Fire Fighting – internal, external & township fire protection system NFPA
  20. Safety with Emergency Call Service
  21. Green Building Design as per LEED

We design system for all above 21 services & co-ordinate the Layout with Architectural & Structural Design for proper installation, easy maintenance & trouble free operation in future.