Business Consultancy

MEPICON is a group of hi-tech   hi-performance result-oriented professionals. We have highly educated   well experienced engineers, manufacturing process experts, doctors, food experts, material analysts, packaging experts, marketing gurus, media managers, chartered accountants, legal advisers, export-import experts and many more …

We first study the client’s needs, resources, capabilities, knowledge and experience, before suggesting any new business or change in existing business. Then our team of professionals conducts field survey to examine status of available resources, then work on details and prepare Strategic Planning with in-depth study in form of project report. We interact with client team and decide a common suitable implementation plan and work together to execute the plan.

Our PMC (Project Management Consulting) Team does monitor all the steps and activities to control the project from Start to End for mainly 3 parameters – Quality, Time and Cost. We review the progress with client team regularly, do take corrective action timely and achieve our joint targets.